ZANC Membership is open to anyone interested in advancing the well-being of Zambians in the Sacramento metropolitan area and beyond, in addition to other beneficiaries (non-Zambian) of ZANC’s services and programs. ZANC membership runs from 01 January to 31 December each year. There is a subscription fee of $10 per month for adults, 19 years and older. Children below 19 years, enjoy free membership by virtue of active membership status of their parents. Active membership status is conditional upon being up-to-date with monthly subscriptions.

ZANC leadership is working on expanding membership benefits. At the moment, benefits of active membership status include:

Discounted tickets to ZANC sponsored events

Ability to run for ZANC Executive Committee positions

Reduced advertising rates for your business on ZANC website and other ZANC publications and media outlets.

You can apply for ZANC membership by filling in this form below: