The Association of Zambians in northern California (ZANC) is a non-profit organization formed by Zambians living in the greater Sacramento metropolitan area and surrounding regions. It was established to promote the interests of Zambians as well as provide a forum for exchange of information and promotion of collaborative endeavors to improve the lives of its members. The following are some of its key objectives:

Provide referral to various community services, programs and resources that its members may need from time to time.

To promote and preserve the Zambian culture and heritage in its diversity.

To promote unity among Zambians, regardless of ethnic/tribal, religious, and political affiliations.

To foster collaborative endeavors, particularly to galvanize members to support one another in times of bereavement, celebration and other community events.

To provide assistance, material and financial, to underprivileged members of our community in our constituency as well as the broader Zambian community in the US, wherever possible.

To facilitate enrollment of all members and interested non-members, into an affordable group life-insurance scheme.

To support new Zambians relocating to the region and assist them settle down, by providing immigration and other community resources.

To rally members to support and participate in specific projects in Zambia, aimed at promoting food security, nutrition, education, health, and sanitation, among others.

To support members, especially the youth, in their efforts to advance their careers by providing career advice, and information about scholarships and grants.

To work with the Zambian embassy in Washington, D.C. and help promote the Zambian Tourism industry and investment opportunities at different forums.

Our Articles of Incorporation

Members of the current Executive Committee

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