ZANC endeavors to enhance the value of individual members by creating platforms for networking, collaboration, professional development and community impact that will eventually benefit the community.


We value education for its influences to civic, political and community life, and for its capacity to open to people worlds of cultural and artistic excellence, which adds to the bigger picture of enhancing life.


Culture and art are the expression of our inner lives and enriches our emotional world. ZANC endeavors to leverage the cultural wealth of its members to add value to society, well-being, health and education.

About ZANC

Making a difference

The Association of Zambians in northern California (ZANC) is a non-profit organization formed by Zambians living in the greater Sacramento metropolitan area and surrounding regions. It was established to promote the interests of Zambians as well as provide a forum for exchange of information and promotion of collaborative endeavors to improve the lives of its members. Read our objectives